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Tuesday, 10 February 2015

FOUND - Charity Shop's Just the Ticket

I found this silk scarf at Mary's Living & Giving shop in Richmond, South West London. Its slightly subversive illustrations are courtesy of Adam Dant, a Jerwood Drawing Prize-winning artist, heralded for his Hogarthian graphic interpretations. I work at The National Theatre and coveted this scarf when it appeared in The NT Book Shop CLICK HEREI wanted it but walked away stung by the +£100 price tag. It's since dropped to £70 but that's still a "center stalls" price and I've more of a "back of the circle, with a partially obstructed view" budget.

So last weekend I felt like a Tony Award winner when I found this quirky accessory brand new with box for £15 at Mary's tiny charity shop gem on sunny Richmond Green. Yes £15! And here, in this scarf, the real beauty of charity shop hunting is revealed. That right-time-right-place my-lucky-day exhilaration that makes clothing more than clothing is the hallmark of shopping 2nd-hand. Every few months I find something I adored new on the cheap in a charity shop. From a Boden full-skirted dress to Jigsaw satin shoes, patience has paid off. My advice - bide your time, train your eye and style trophies can be yours. 



Anonymous said...

And that's why they call it stalking!! Congrats.
I got a £149 coat for £34 .99 on Sunday - but only because my enabler insisted lol. Onlookers were aghast - my pink hair and burgundy fake fur oh dear.

Anmarie said...

Stalking, yes. But girl needs a hobby. Pink hair! You are a style legend. AND my kingdom for burgundy fake fur!