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Friday, 13 February 2015

TRY THIS - Fraught Films Were The Fashion

I found this book, copyright 1967, in a lovely old bookshop in Penzance called simply Books, 9 Chapel Street. The shop is next to Steckfenster's, a large, wonderful, quirky, slightly untidy 2nd-hand shop that I highly recommend CLICK HERE. A fictional account of the making of a Hollywood blockbuster, The Trojans unfolds via the voices of a colourful cast of insiders. Margaret Dayton, the starlet, has disappeared from the set of Helen of Troy on location in Greece. The film's producer, director, Margaret's mother, her agent, her writer-husband and others fill in the details of the mystery, as they see them. The Trojans is surely inspired by the real life and wildly fraught film-making of Cleopatra staring Elizabeth Taylor, as well as Marilyn Monroe's marriage to writer Arthur Miller. With great human insight and a compelling plot line, Wirt Williams' novel brings a bygone time in Old Hollywood history to sizzling life. On the book jacket, grumpy ole' Ernest Hemingway is quoted, saying, "I think Writ Williams writes as well as anybody writing." High praise indeed from an author who often had scant respect for his peers. I paid £7 for this beautiful hardback edition.    

Search The Trojans in charity shops or 
to find it on Amazon CLICK HERE  

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