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Thursday, 5 February 2015

TRY THIS - A Play With Words & Dresses

I find myself enjoying a spot of good luck. I'm pleased to announce that my play - RE:Tale - will make its debut at The Hen & Chickens in Islington, North London, 24-28 March. The play is inspired by the women who frequented my clothing shop near Hyde Park, a place Time Out called a "flamboyant nugget." While the shop is now closed, this pacey little play brings it back to life while considering our complicated relationships with clothing and each other. 

"I was only, I don't know, 13-years-old. But already dresses were speaking to me."

Part who-done-it, part dressing room drama, RE:Tale features four talented actresses playing 15 characters. Thanks to Written Foundations, the brainchild of producing powerhouse Brigitte Adela, we've already had our first read through. Huntress London will bring you occasional updates from the rehearsal room, costume reveals (2nd-hand of course) and ticketing details. To book NOW go to Unrestricted View, CLICK HERE

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Anonymous said...

Wow how fantastic :) Well done you!

Anmarie said...

Thanks! I'm really pleased - this play has been a long time in the making. If you find yourself in London at that time, it would be my pleasure to comp you 2 tickets to the show. In the meantime - off to the rehearsal room, via a few charity shops!

Britishette said...

Congratulations! It sounds amazing! Will try to come!

Anmarie said...

Thanks so much - I'd love to meet you there. AND you might get a blog post out of it...lots of charity shops in the area, as well as Blue17, A+ vintage shop.