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Saturday, 14 February 2015

BONUS POST - Happy V-Day Bargain Lovers

I find Valentines Day a frustrating holiday. Like New Year's Eve, when we're required to have more drunken fun than ever before, on Valentines Day amour and more is forcibly de rigueur. Well, kiss my arsy-varsy St Valentine! I'm not keen on compulsory sentiment, but I do appreciate a well-timed 2nd-hand gift. Yesterday, before today's frantic romantic celebration, my husband gave me this huge Taschen tome, spotted in the window of the British Heart Foundation (naturally) in Streatham. Taschen books CLICK HERE were launched by a clever comic book collecting kid in Cologne in 1980. Today Taschen is synonymous with Big Beautiful Art Book. I don't know what my husband paid for this lovely page turner, full of photographs, illustrations and maps but I know, like me, he loves a bargain! 


Anonymous said...

What a treat! I have this
which I got from one of those book clearance places (WHAT!?!) It is a perfect place to lose yourself for a couple of hours.

This caused fainting and possibly nosebleeds

Anmarie said...

We could live in a smaller (cheaper) flat if it weren't for all the books ;) and those clearance places - well simply deadly. The archive photos - it's like style porn. YES, I want. I was trying to decide which was my favourite. ALL of 'em!