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Wednesday, 4 June 2014

TRY THIS - Trade for a New Shade

I found this Lilly Pulitzer cord blazer at Bang Bang on Goodge Street, in London ( At any of Bang Bang's 3 London outlets, they'll buy your in-season mint vintage and interesting contemporary brands for cash or trade. I don't recall what I offered in exchange for this cord cutie - proof that fashion love affairs are fleeting. This Autumn fabric (corduroy) + its Summer hue (hot pink) = a Spring-in-London Style Savior. I'm keen to welcome the warmer weather but it's still cool in June; this jazzy jacket invites Summer but wears like Autumn. Pieces fashioned from heavier fabrics in bright, saturated colours are must-haves if you live in a fickle weather zone. I call it 'season-ful' dressing, as London experiences all 4 in a single day. Great satisfaction comes with 'trading in' clothes at a place like Bang Bang, and while there are others like them, this lot have real sartorial imagination. At Bang Bang they don't turn up their noses if a piece is unbranded. They want good condition items with personality. So try trading, it's a great way to go green (or pink).   

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