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Saturday, 7 June 2014

FOUND - It's A Piece of Cake

I found this Kate Spade leather pencil case in Arcadia, Florida. Like much of small town America Arcadia once thrived, tiny but prosperous enough. It's inland so doesn't benefit from the tourist trade and over time, as people moved away, the area faltered. But Arcadia fought back, transforming itself into a hunters paradise as every shopfront from the opera house to the old barbers are given over to the sale of pre-owned Americana. Be sure to visit the Oak Street Deli while you're there - expect freshly-made sandwiches and delicious potato salad. In reality you may never get to inland Florida, but the point is small town USA is a goldmine for good used fashions. If you visit Miami, NYC, Chicago, LA or any American metropolis, venture outside the city limits and your efforts are likely to be rewarded. In the 1800s young Arcadia Albritton rewarded city father James Madison Hendry with a cake. It must have been delicious because he named the town after her. This posh pencil case takes the cake at just $4.   

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