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Friday, 13 June 2014

TRY THIS - See The 'Lass Half Full

It's easy to mindlessly criticize - haven't we all sat on the tube judging the fashion choices of the woman opposite us? But picking at the threads of a stranger is a futile exercise; we learn very little while mentally dressing down another. May I suggest "people watching for the positive?" I work at a large London theatre full of people so I often commit myself to noting the complimentary rather than critical. "Her posture is so regal" or "Those flats give that dress a cool, relaxed feel" or "The red tint in her hair brightens her whole face" are typical mental observations. Actively looking for what works becomes an exercise in training your eye. Engaging your sartorial imagination for the good allows you to see better, to appreciate more, to embrace change. A glass-half-full approach to fashion is the easiest way to grow your style nous. I found a set of these lady glasses at a 2nd-hand shop in Tequesta, Florida. Small US towns are real hot spots for cheap, interesting pre-owned goods. The 4 glasses cost $12.

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