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Friday, 27 June 2014

TRY THIS - Let Compliments Fly

Yesterday, on a walk through Walpole Park in Ealing, a young woman - a stranger - said to me 'really nice glasses.' She was sitting with a friend on a park bench eating her lunch. She wore a bowler hat that suited her down to the ground. I'd almost walked past her when she began nodding her head and then verbalized the compliment. I looked back over my shoulder, thanked her and carried on. I found the glasses - Ray Bans, £20 with case - at the Fara Charity Shop on Bond Street not far from the park. Alas, I've loved and lost 5 pairs of Ray Bans in my life; some new, some used, all gone. Thankfully cool, quality specs are regularly available at charity shops and 2nd-hand haunts. The young woman in the bowler hat sent me off with a smile. A spontaneous thumbs-up from a stranger is like a butterfly landing on your shoulder - a bright, light surprise.

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