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Saturday, 14 June 2014

FOUND - Circle The Best Shop

I found this Lola Rose bracelet at the Trinity Hospice charity shop on the Fulham Road, London. Hunting through charity shops that appear hopeless, messy and untended makes my heart race. The thrill of a find permeates the air, the atmosphere buzzes with uncertain excitement. But there are beautifully organized charity shops, those that creatively merchandise their stock, shops every bit as inviting as the finest 5th Avenue boutiques, and the Fulham Road Trinity Hospice is one of those. Staffed by friendly, helpful women who know their designers, its a high-end paradise. This shop also, over time, marks it stock down - they don't let merchandise hang forever, over priced and unwanted. My friend Susan and I were there at the weekend; she bagged a Cavalli dress (£120), wool Sonia Rykiel trousers (£45) and Max Mara rain coat (£85), all mint condition. My find by UK jewelry designer Lola Rose, known for its semi precious stone baubles, came in a pink velvet bag. It's heavy and cool to touch, the natural, smooth stone lovely against the skin. It cost £20.       

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