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Tuesday, 10 June 2014

TRY THIS - Customized Keepy Uppy

I found this once-strapless bustier at a charity shop in Richmond - a picturesque riverside spot with loads of charity shop choice. I don't do strapless for two good reasons...but I knew I could rework this Banana Republic top to suit my figure. My husband often buys vintage neckties in job lots so he's always got a bag of rejects on the go. From the bag, I retrieved 2 ties similar in colour and weight. While wearing the bustier AND a bra that clasp behind my neck, I pinned the neckties so they covered the undergarment. I then took my pinned top to the tailor, who sewed the necktie straps into place. This customized garment is perfect, a lovely shoulder bearing look that nicely hides the necessary uplift underneath. If you're in Richmond shopping, plan lunch at Stein's on the river CLICK HERE. While sausages are their specialty, they've something delicious for everyone. The bustier was £8 and my tailor charged a fiver to affix the straps.       

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