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Tuesday, 17 June 2014

TRY THIS - Damaged Goodness

This is the frayed sleeve of my classic Burberry mac. I found it 12 years ago at a stall in Camden Market. I'm not a strictly vintage hunter, there are any number of up-scale contemporary labels that I covet. But even if I were loaded to the gills, I don't think I'd buy high-end brand new. I find lightly worn up-scale fashions far more interesting than those that are pristine and untouched. Along with this beloved Burberry, I cherish my soft cashmere jumpers that boast neat, tiny repairs, my Mulberry bag that's worn where for years it's rubbed against my side and my 2nd-hand scuffed up Gucci loafers. Each posh but lived-in piece retains its fashion status while hinting at a more mysterious story, a checkered past. Don't summarily dismiss damaged goods - some flaws are invaluable assets.      

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