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Sunday, 29 June 2014

FOUND - Shop Talk Carries On

This is my shop; now closed, it's where my London life took shape. While living in LA but longing to be here, I imagined Crimson. To ensure I remained committed to the dream - complete financial and fashion madness - I bought 300 wooden hangers and kept them in the back of my enormous car as a constant reminder of my dream. I'd tell myself, "now that I've got all these hangers, I've really no choice but to open a shop. In London." From this well-hung perch, I met several fellow North Americans livin' la vida London, stylish mates who today are among my nearest and dearest. I met my husband who helped me see how important the past is to one's future fashion choices. And in this shop, I met women who struggled with their style, women who longed to love clothing but found the search for their style a burdensome journey of clashing memories and ill-fitting disappointments. Time Out called Crimson "a flamboyant nugget of a shop..." For me the shop was a dialogue, and while its doors are closed, the vivid conversation continues.     

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