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Sunday, 1 June 2014

TRY THIS - A Real Belter: Never Buy New

I bought these belts 2nd hand, 5 of the 6 in West London charity shops, all in the last 3 years. From left to right they are a Ralph Lauren horse bit belt, a Paul Smith brown leather, an Etienne Aigner with a lovely horn-like buckle, a brown suede number from Jigsaw, a big buckler from a 2nd-hand shop in Krakow, and an unbranded black suede favourite. I can't remember the last time I bought a belt brand new. They're a great buy-it-when-you-see-it item. I always quickly peruse the belts in any flea market, charity or 2nd hand shop. Quality examples consistently turn up. Very often they've never seen a waistline or show few signs of wear. But if they do need a small repair, it's generally the sort of thing your local cobbler can fix easily and inexpensively. I buy wide belts with chunky buckles to toughen up my full skirted, feminine dresses. None of these belts cost more than £20. I wonder if there's anything you NEVER buy new?  


Anonymous said...

There is never anything I NEVER buy new, but most of my leather jackets are second hand. And quite a few of my jeans.

Anmarie said...

Jeans and leather coats are Never Buy News for me too, and jewelry, in my book, looks better with age. 'Never' is a commitment, I know...keep me post on other 2nd-hand treasures you unearth. Thanks.