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Sunday, 8 June 2014

TRY THIS - Save A Fave From The Grave

This is one of my favorite tops - a Max Mara that's been with me for 15 years, soft silk, versatile black and cream stripe, and the first thing I ever bought (on sale) at Selfridges. And I ruined it. I'm embarrassed to admit I was eating a dounut (wait, it gets worse), while driving (there's more), and plopped raspberry jam onto the front of this beloved blouse. I took it to the dry cleaner, who only made it worse. Now there was a red jam stain and the fabric around it was faded. Heartbroken but determined, I had to save my marvelous Max Mara. So I bought some brocade ribbon at VV Rouleaux ( on Marylebone Lane in London and asked a tailor to carefully sew it over the jam damage. Once placed properly the ribbon served to enhance the blouse as well as hide the stain. No one knows it wasn't made this way. Suffice to say, I no longer drive. Sadly I still eat dounuts.   

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