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Wednesday, 25 June 2014

FOUND - When Hunting is Child's Play

I found this little bag at the Fara Childrens Charity shop in Ealing, west London. It's a Le Sport Sac made of a nylon canvas with 3 zippered compartments. There was a marble in one of the pockets, but otherwise this wee girl's accessory has hardly been used. Guess little girls don't abuse their handbags the way big girls do. I love its kooky pirate print and because it wipes clean, it's the perfect makeup bag. Children's 2nd-hand is always worth a quick look, even if you don't have kiddies of your own. Little bags like this, scarfs and if you're small yourself, tiny tops are on offer. I also occasionally find vintage toys that make sweet, unusual gifts. This bag was £1. If you pop round to the Fara Childrens Charity Shop, you'll find Angela Malik's Deli just a few doors down. Stop in for a Wake Up Lassi and a smile. The food and service at Angela's is superb.           

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