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Thursday, 22 May 2014

TRY THIS - Style Rags to Rich Style

My name is Anmarie and I'm a glossy magazine addict - a nasty habit I'm trying to break. I buy glossies in search of new ways to wear and style things I already own. Sadly what I generally find are expensive, experimental looks for women with unrealistic bodies. Will I ever learn? Yes! I've taken to buying fashion BOOKS (used, natch). Vogue published some great books in the 80s, and has issued a new range focusing on individual designers - Elsa Schiaparelli is a personal hero. At Christmas I asked family for Paris Street Style, by Thomas & Veysset, an informative new read with photos of real women. The 1990s series of books entitled Chic Simple (published by Thames & Hudson) offer great photos of entire outfits and I'm forever diving into the Style Book by Elizabeth Walker. One photo after another, spanning time and geography, it's like a blog in a book. I find great out-of-print books in charity shops and on Ebay for about the same price as a magazine and if I want a newly published book, I put it on my Christmas or Birthday wishlist. My growing collection of fashion books is a feature on my shelves, providing endless inspiration. I haven't gone cold turkey though. I've allowed myself one magazine - a subscription (way cheaper than shelf price) to Harper's Baazar.              

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