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Friday, 23 May 2014

FOUND - Seeing Things in Montana

My mom found these vintage sunglasses in Bruges last September. She and my step-dad came for a visit, and along with JB (husband to Huntress), we hopped the Eurostar to the little Belgian chocolate box that is Bruges. At a street market mom picked out these shades - she thought they'd suit me. I wasn't so sure. Their severe shape under my straight fringed bob might look weirdly intense. But as soon as I held them in my hand I knew they were quality. And there, on the inside, almost rubbed out were the words Claude Montana. Montana is the Crown Prince of the iconic 80s look. He invented enormous shoulder pads. While I wasn't convinced they were my look, I appreciated their significance. When I tried them on my mom loved them even more. Done deal - if she loved them on me, I knew I'd have the confidence to wear them. I was prepared to bargain hard with the stallholder. "How much please?" I asked. "Five euros," he said. Five! They were mine in seconds, no haggling necessary. If you go to Bruges, in addition to the street market, be sure to pop into Madame Mim's, my favourite vintage shop in all the world.  

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