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Monday, 26 May 2014

FOUND - Small Town Delights

I recently found this beauty in the little town of Deal on the Kent coast. A hidden gem, Deal is the perfect weekend get-away spot, while lacking the white cliffs that distinguish Dover, its still awash in seaside charm. We'd booked tickets for King Pleasure and the Biscuit Boys, a cool swing band playing the town's active arts centre, the Astor Theatre.  While enjoying the music, we found out a market was scheduled at the Astor the next day.  And as promised, 10 to 12 tables brimming with untold riches greeted us in the morning. The prices were more than fair and the stall holders were delightful if not shyly polite.  Deal also boasts a tiny 'old town' - a clutch of about 6 shops that are generally owner operated, full of vintage clothing and housewares (they tend to be open Thur to Sat only). You'll also find 2 or 3 charity shops where I've struck gold at least once, snagging a Pucci-inspired linen top that I gave to my sister (£3).  It's a long walk to Sandwich from Deal but flat and enjoyable.  More vintage/old stuff awaits you there.  The Royal Hotel in Deal is a cosy place to stay - book one of their rooms that faces out to the sea (  This huge butterfly brooch cost £7.

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