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Friday, 30 May 2014

FOUND - Not Just a Pretty Face

File:Kewpee Restaurant.JPG

I found her in Bath UK, in the men's furnishings section of a shop called Vintage to Vogue ( She's a testament to the enduring appeal of ruby red lips and reminds me of the mascot atop the roof of The Kewpee, a burger joint in my hometown of Lima, Ohio. "Hamburger, Pickle on Top Makes Your Heart Go Flippity Flop" is the Kewpee's motto and I'm tempted to buy a Kewpee t-shirt emblazoned with this savory slogan (see At this fast-food throwback the waitresses still wear white button-front dresses and sport hairnets and along with the best burgers in the world, they serve up slices of homemade pie; cherry, apple, pecan and peach. When 2nd-hand hunting, don't overlook peachy finds in the men's department. Quality leather bags, scarves, PJs, and little curiosities like her are often there for the taking. This porcelain lemon squeezer was sweet at just £10.                

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John Bowler said...

Fantastic burgers at Kewpee! Loved the atmosphere, like going through a time warp!