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Tuesday, 27 May 2014

TRY THIS - The Original Fashion Icon

This classy lady came into my possession while working at a theatre outside LA. The office Christmas party invitation advised staff to bring along a "gift" - something we had but didn't want, and the more ridiculous the better.  At the party we each pulled a number from a hat, then in numerical order selected a pressie from a table full of weird and useless white elephants.  The moment I saw her, I was in love - had to have her but feared she'd go, pronto. God love loopy liberal thesps and New Age Cali kooks none of whom dare reach for a naff religious memento, especially in the month of baby Jesus' birth. Don't get me wrong, I never wonder WWJD? But I am privately spiritual and this woman, this lovely, hopeful but under-sexed diva seems to me the original fashion icon. I have several Marys who are right at home among my handbags and gladrags. She reminds me to add life to those things no one else wants and transcend sartorial time zones, to marry high with low and combine worn classics with the-best-of trends. Nothing is scared when it comes to fashion, nothing but a commitment to one's own style.  

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