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Tuesday, 20 May 2014

FOUND - Boutique Brand For < £10

Today I found these incredible shoes. Unearthed at an Ealing Oxfam that I pop into about once week. That's the trick with charity shops, frequenting them consistently. When I'm on my way to work in the afternoon or out taking my Big Walk (10,000 steps a day), I twirl through my favourite local charity shops. Often, I find nothing but occasionally I uncover gold (or in this case purple and red). In finding these shoes, I have also unearthed a boutique cobbler who offers quirky quality, based in Edinburgh, with an on-line shop. I'd never heard of Helen Bateman but I knew on sight her's were quality shoes - made in Spain (see sole). Helen Batemen designs are bold, colourful creations, beautifully shaped and sensibly priced (new £85 to £135). Check out Helen's fancy foot work at Today's find is not perfect - these shoes have a nick in the heel and suffer some scuffing, but they are still very wearable and look crazy expensive. They cost all of £6.99 today.     

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