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Wednesday, 28 May 2014

FOUND - Step Right Up To Your Style

I read recently in a glossy magazine that espadrilles are out, in fact the shoe choice of fashion nincompoops.  Really?  I've been wearing these summer classics for over 20 years.  Haven't they transcended fickle fashion and become a staple, like crisp white shirts or worn-in jeans? Espadrilles are the perfect hot weather/dress up-dress down/comfy walking/don't I look free and easy shoe. But a so-called fashion doyenne has decided, for a moment, they're not. And honestly, almost nothing makes me happier.  We should all rejoice when the establishment says our style choices are out of step.  Fashion is such a lamb-to-slaughter exercise. One sheep says 'wear this' and the rest of us follow, only to be quickly informed we're mutton wearing espadrilles! I say develop your look, tinker with it to include trends that speak to you and ignore the rest. I found these Castaner espadrilles in a 2nd-hand market in Rome (more on Rome market in future post). Castaners are the creme de la canvas when it comes to this summer shoe. They're one of the handful of fashion items I'll buy new - they start at £65 - although I much prefer to find them gently used. These purple wedges were just 7 euros.                  

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