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Monday, 18 May 2015

FOUND - His Obscenely Stylish Neck

I find I envy my husband his 2nd hand neckties. His colossal collection, gathered over time and travel, is a fantastical print riot. Although I often style neckties as belts, I remain wildly jealous of the daily opportunity this accessory offers him; a simple but effective way of adding a pop of pattern to his well-considered sartorial vibe. He sports magnificent motifs and outrageous colour combos discretely corralled in the defined confines of a strip of silk. I hear you shout, "Man up Huntress! Wind your neck in and just wear one!" I can and I do but day-in-and-day out it's not a look I can make my own. Alternatively I collect bangles the way Him Outdoors collects ties.  

A unique man-ccessory, the necktie is centuries old. Chinese terracotta soldiers uncovered in 1974 but created in 210BC are wearing a neck cloth that seems a precursor to the modern tie. But it wasn't until the 1920s that New Yorker Jesse Langdorf cut fabric on a 45 degree angle using 3 piece construction. This bit of haberdashing genius allowed the slash of fabric to lay flat after it was tied, no twisting and turning. And with that, the suit's contemporary companion was born. 

From quality vintage the likes of Lanvin to thin, unlined demob versions, my husband's collection is highly democratic. While my step-mom consistently finds skinnies that fit the bill, I don't posses the knack for spotting examples that he deems keepers. Rightly his penchant is evolved, specific and idiosyncratic. Indeed Supreme Court Justice Potter's constitutional definition of pornography, "I know it when I see it," aptly applies to my husband's very personal taste in ties.   

To See His Tie Clip Collection (naturally) CLICK HERE


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