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Thursday, 26 February 2015

FOUND - Cashmere For Mere Cash


I found this cashmere sweater at the Scope charity shop in Ruislip, north west London. According to Nina Garcia, author of The One Hundred, A Guide to the Pieces Every Woman Must Own, we "first began craving cashmere in 1937, when Lana Turner wore her tight cashmere sweater in the film They Won't Forget." And I think this very berry pullover paired with slouchy black trousers and white brogues will indeed sparkle with casual Hollywood glamour. As Spring in London seeks to make her debut, colourful short-sleeved knitwear won't go amiss. I'm a fan of popping hot pink that's soft, woolly and warm, but who isn't? And it cost me less than a ticket to the pictures - just £5.

Lana Turner in They Won't Forget


Anonymous said...

So pretty - like that really deep hue of flowering cherry - COME ON SPRING! ... and a fiver? What a steal.

Anmarie said...

...I'm always surprised when I find cashmere in charity shops - why give it away? Once it's worn out, I make it into little cushions or use it to patch other clothing. SPRING! If we say it enough it'll get here.